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Agreeable climate conditions in storage tents are not only necessary for the well-being and work performance of the employees – even some devices and machines only run smoothly with a certain ambient temperature.
Due to the usually large volumes of lightweight halls, using an unsuitable heating solution may cause extremely high costs. The greatest difficulty with classic heating lies in the thermal principle: In most cases, lightweight construction/steel halls are higher than 3 m – and the heat rises upwards. So in order to achieve the desired temperature at the bottom, the air at the top must also be warm. This requires proper insulation – otherwise, you’re literally burning money.

The classical heating materials oil, gas and electricity can power the following plants:
  • Direct oil heaters
  • Indirect oil heaters
  • Electric heaters
  • Gas air heaters
  • Infrared

Direct oil heaters

In this segment, we offer you high-performance systems that directly provide large quantities of heated air. The solutions are suitable for the initial heating of a hall as well as for permanent operation with the use of roller shutters or similarly high heating requirements.

Indirect oil heaters

Unlike direct heating systems, these solutions generate passive heat – and therefore clean and dry air, which is ideal for highly frequented areas (sales areas, marquees, exhibitions).

Electric heaters

Electric fan heaters deliver clean, warm air very quickly. However, due to their high power consumption, they are not always efficient and therefore more suitable for temporary or emergency use. These systems always come with overheating protection.

Gas air heaters

If a lot of heat is needed very quickly, a gas-powered appliance is the best choice. The cost-effective system with high throughput is most suitable for warehouses and construction sites.

Infrared heating

Infrared radiators provide selective heating instead of heating the air. Since they don’t cause any air movement, they are ideally suited for dust-free heating of workplaces.

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