Storage tents/lightweight halls

Storage tents/lightweight halls

We plan your storage tent or light industrial unit.
Steel halls

Steel halls

You need more? How about a steel structure building!


Containers are suitable both as temporary offices or sleeping facilities.
Mobile heating systems

Mobile heating systems

No-one needs to feel cold – thanks to mobile heating systems.
Event tents

Event tents

We also deliver event tents, in suitable size for your company event.
to event tents...

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Our solutions

We are sure to offer you the right solution for your project - please contact us for individual consulting and offer.

Storage tents – standard or customized

Our storage tents are flexible in many ways: They can bridge bottlenecks in storage volume or production space quick...

4 lightweight hall systems – 1,000 possibilities

Our lightweight halls can be used in many different ways and therefore vary not only in size, equipment and setup, b...

Steel halls – over 30 m wide and higher than 7.2 m

If your project requires unsupported widths of over 30 m or eaves heights of over 7.20 m, our custom-made steel hall...

Containers – more than just an office/accommodation unit

Unlike a storage tent or a lightweight hall, containers have a precisely defined size – therefore they can be stacke...

Terminology: storage tent/lightweight hall

An industrial tent/storage tent is usually an aluminium frame covered with a PVC tarpaulin?
Storage tent = short-term usage (1 to 12 months)
A lightweight hall has a different cladding and therefore better thermal insulation than an industrial tent?
Lightweight hall = long-term usage (12 months +)
Not all of the above is quite correct… It’s simply a question of terminology.
Basically, both terms refer to the same construction and the same materials.
However, “lightweight hall” sounds much better than “tent” – especially for building authorities.
We also receive lots of requests for lightweight halls as an interim lecture hall – and of course, a university prefers to accommodate its students in an insulated “lightweight hall” rather than in a “tent”.
Also, the terms are used differently in different regions and countries
So don’t be confused – just get in touch with us, and we’ll figure out what you need!

How to heat a storage tent / lightweight hall

Since temporary buildings are usually only in use for a limited time of a few weeks or months, it is advisable to use a mobile heating system for colder periods such as evenings or winter.

Depending on the requirements, we can offer you different heating versions:

Whether operated with gas, electricity or oil – a fan heater raises the inside temperature to any desired level within a very short time.

Since a capacity of up to 2,500 kW can be achieved, appropriate storage tanks are required – ad these are often subject to approval.

An overview of the different systems including their advantages and disadvantages can be found here:

» mobile heating solutions

Our service

Our all-round carefree package really means that we take care of everything.

1. Consulting and planning

We help you with cost-efficient planning and also offer tender texts for architects. Since every flying structure is...

2. Statics and approval

A building permit is required for every building – and thus also for temporary buildings. You can either apply for t...

3. Financing

Of course, we also support you in financing your needs: If you want to protect your liquidity, you can lease a solut...

4. Delivery and assembly

After more than 10 years of experience, we are experts when it comes to lightweight halls / storage tents / steel ha...

Good to know

Here you can find interesting facts from our area of expertise, but also some interesting reference projects.

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Lightweight halls for Porsche

Only 5 weeks construction time were available for the setup of the lightweight hall – and this parallel to the work of the civil engineering company on the concrete slab. The challenge on this constru...

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Storage tent, lightweight hall, steel hall or event tent?

We at BAUER Hallen & Zeltsysteme GmbH are experts for all aspects of storage tents/lightweight halls. We offer you individual advice and tailor-made solutions based on many years of experience – plus a wide range of hall types from simple storage tents to multi-storey lightweight halls! The modular construction of the mobile halls enables the most diverse applications – be it as riding hall, tent hall, sales hall, roofing, storage area or production hall! Whether you rent or buy one of our solutions is your choice.

All advantages of our storage tents/storage halls at a glance

  • Fast availability
  • High mobility
  • Robust and low-maintenance
  • No need for concrete foundation
  • “Made in Germany” from the ground nail to the roof top
  • 15 year manufacturer’s warranty on roof and cladding
  • Binding schedules and cost plans
  • Simplified approval procedure
  • Can be individually equipped according to customer requirements