A building permit is required for every building – and thus also for temporary buildings. You can either apply for this yourself or hand over the entire process to us.

Static test

The static test must be carried out by a publicly appointed, independent expert who checks the stability of the planned structure (i.e. the resistance to wind forces or snow loads to be expected at the respective location). If this inspector considers the calculations to be correct on the basis of the plans and figures submitted, he approves the statics.

We prepare the documents required for the static test and submit them. The costs of the static analysis auditor are borne by you as the client. The costs as well as the duration of the process depend on the complexity of the building and its location. Regional factors can also play a role in this, since different requirements have to be observed depending on the local, national or international regulations.

Building permit

In order to apply for the building permit, we submit both the successful static test and further documents (input plan, site plan, etc.) to the responsible authority.
The authority then clarifies numerous aspects including planning laws, zoning plan aspects and architectural issues. Among other topics, it clarifies whether property issues are clear, if objections from neighbours are to be expected etc…
If there are no objections to the project, the building permit is issued. The duration of this process depends on the complexity of the project. As our company has been working closely with the relevant authorities for many years, you can be sure that we always submit complete documents, which usually speeds up the approval process enormously.
The costs of the procedure described are borne by you as the client.