An industrial tent/storage tent is usually an aluminium frame covered with a PVC tarpaulin?
Storage tent = short-term usage (1 to 12 months)
A lightweight hall has a different cladding and therefore better thermal insulation than an industrial tent?
Lightweight hall = long-term usage (12 months +)
Not all of the above is quite correct… It’s simply a question of terminology.
Basically, both terms refer to the same construction and the same materials.
However, “lightweight hall” sounds much better than “tent” – especially for building authorities.
We also receive lots of requests for lightweight halls as an interim lecture hall – and of course, a university prefers to accommodate its students in an insulated “lightweight hall” rather than in a “tent”.
Also, the terms are used differently in different regions and countries
So don’t be confused – just get in touch with us, and we’ll figure out what you need!